Have You Been Injured in Brampton? Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer for Advice

Have You Been Injured in Brampton? Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer for Advice

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in Brampton, consulting a personal injury lawyer is essential to expediting your rights to compensation. While it is pragmatic to engage with a lawyer who has good standing in the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, many mistakenly assume that working with a lawyer automatically means that one must engage in a lawsuit. That is not correct. The fact is that even the filling out of standard insurance forms should be reviewed by a lawyer prior to submission.

Simple, but Important Steps

We memorize important phone numbers, look both ways before crossing the street, take umbrellas with us when the sky is overcast. These are measures that serve to protect us. So, consider also taking protective steps when suffering an injury and pursuing compensation for injuries:
  1. Consult a lawyer as soon as possible. Suffering a personal injury can curtail your physical and mental well-being. Having a representative who is experienced in personal injury claims and who can navigate the often complex procedures and paperwork is paramount. Several reputable Brampton firms offer free consultations. Take heed that the field of law has many branches. The lawyer who handled the conveyance of your house will not have the same knowledge base and experience as a lawyer who is trained in personal injury cases.
  2. Factor in timelines and deadlines. Some claims must be made within time limitations or they can result in denial or delay. For example, if making a claim for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, your insurance company must be notified – in writing – within seven days of the accident’s occurrence.
  3. Document everything. Take photographs, get phone numbers of witnesses, make notes from conversations and keep a diary of medical appointments and related meetings. File receipts for expenses incurred, such as prescriptions and physiotherapy. Request copies of hospital records.
  4. Make no assumptions. Even if you are at fault for your injury, there may be accident benefits available. However, it is important to not admit fault to any other involved parties, as that could affect settlement.
  5. The accident occurs in a public place. If you slip and fall on a Brampton sidewalk, sustain an injury whilst using public transportation or hit a pothole as you ride your bike, you should not incorrectly conclude that just because there is no "clear” instigator, a situation such as this is not worth pursuing. One of the parties involved is still always responsible for negligence.

Financial Considerations

Injuries can range from ones that temporarily limit your activities and mobility to more catastrophic, long-term scenarios for which full recovery may unfortunately not be possible. Even with universal access to health care in Canada, costs of living (mortgage, rent, groceries) can mount.
You may be concerned that seeking legal advice will only add to financial worries. Fortunately, this is one less thing to worry about, as most reputable and well-established personal injury lawyers in Brampton work on a Contingency Fee Basis. The lawyer does not receive payment for his/her services until a financial settlement is made. This means that the lawyer is just as vested in getting the maximum positive result for you.